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Preparing your Moodle course for the next academic year


1. Archiving your Moodle Course

All Moodle courses are automatically archived in the middle of June each year. Once the Moodle Archive has taken place, UCL staff have a one month grace period to make changes to their archived courses before it goes permanently read-only. Students are always read-only in the Moodle archive.

Full information about archiving policy and process can be found at: Moodle Snapshot please do read this before proceeding and resetting your course.

2. Resetting your Moodle Course

For data protection reasons, you must ensure that at the start of a new academic session any student data from the previous session is removed, unless you have express permission from the previous students to use their data.

Reset allows you to empty a Moodle course of user data, while retaining content, activities and other settings. See M26: Resetting your Moodle course for instructions.

3. Preparing for induction

We have some materials and advice to welcome new students to online learning within Moodle. More information can be found here:

Moodle Student Inductions

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