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Marks and feedback are recorded in the Moodle Gradebook as they are entered or calculated. Assignments can be weighted in the Gradebook, which can calculate a final mark.

Transferring marks from the Moodle Gradebook into Portico can be a semi-automated process if you use Excel's VLOOKUP formula.

Before each new intake of students you will need to reset your Moodle space but you may not need to worry about keeping your own records of submissions since staff and students have access to each annual snapshot.

How do I get my marks from Moodle to Portico?

Step 1: Finalise your module's Gradebook

You can access the Gradebook under the Administration block in your course. Simply click Gradebook or Gradebook Setup.

Check to make sure your course total is calculated correctly, if you wish to use Moodle's calculation. If the course total looks wrong, check your weightings.

Step 2: Export your module's Gradebook

  1. From the Gradebook page, click the Export tab and then the Excel Spreadsheet sub-tab
  2. Select the specific grade items you wish to export. Possible grade items include Turnitin assignments, Moodle assignments, and the course total. At the end of the list of grade items there is an option to select all/none.
  3. Click download to generate a spreadsheet of the Gradebook.

The main student identifier that Moodle uses is the Portico Student Number. Please note. To ensure the anonymity of student submissions, Moodle does not store the student's candidate number.

Step 3: Transfer marks from your Gradebook spreadsheet to a Portico spreadsheet

To quickly move marks from a Moodle Gradebook spreadsheet to a Portico spreadsheet, whilst minimising errors, you may find it useful to use Excel's VLOOKUP formula. This process is explained in the Portico team's importing by module support guide.

As of November 2020, the common identifier for students in a Moodle Gradebook spreadsheet and the Portico A26 spreadsheet is the student number.

Step 4: Upload Portico spreadsheet to Portico

Please see the Portico team's guides and training on importing marks into Portico.

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