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18th November 2020

Update Moodle to version 3.9.3

  • fixes bugs and security issues
  • fixes multiple issues with drop-downs where editing options were not visible
  • STACK update to version 4.3.7

10th November 2020

Moodle 3.9 / Annual Upgrade 2020

28th October 2020

New feature - Embed Lecturecast videos anywhere in Moodle

16th October 2020

New activity - Embed Quiz Question Anywhere

New approved LTI  - Hypothes.is

Updated language pack - Promote Lecturecast for videos:

  • Updated help text promoting Lecturecast over Mediacentral for Teaching videos

17th September 2020

Update Moodle to version 3.7.8

  • fixes bugs and security issues
  • heading colour switched from pink to green in line with accessibility recommendations

New activity - Zoom Meeting

New Activity -  Labster

Availability limited to specific departments/courses under current licensing terms.

2nd September 2020

New LTI Activity - Matlab Grader

New H5P Activity type - Interactive Book

New Activity - Checklist

New Block - Mass Actions

13th July 2020

Update Moodle to version 3.7.7

  • fixes bugs and security issues
  • Test Accounts now have Site Policies automatically accepted
  • Theme bug fix update including colours with better contrast
  • STACK update to version 4.3.1

Moodle Snapshot & LSA 19/20

1st July 2020

File upload limit increased from 160MB to 500MB. Note. 

It is now possible to change the file size limit up to a maximum of 500mb in a Moodle course. However, tutors and course administrators should consider the impact larger files might have on the load time of a course and materials, especially for students with slow internet connections or limited data plans. To proceed, you must do the following:

  1. In your Moodle course, under Course Admin Block, click Edit settings.
  2. Under Files and uploads, change Maximum upload size.
  3. Click Save.

11th June 2020

STACK Mathematical quiz question type - go live

The longest standing feature request for UCL Moodle is finally available

9th May 2020

Update Moodle to version 3.7.6

27th April 2020

Echo360 Text Editor Integration for Video Assignments - go-live

Forum News Slider

9th March 2020

Update Moodle to version 3.7.5

  • fixes bugs and security issues

Accessibility Tool

  • Adds support for Open Dyslexic font and a few other improvements
  • Know bug: colour for Open Dyslexic font is being set incorrectly (fix expected by 11th May release)

22nd January 2020

CMIS Groups Integration - go-live

  • Groups are now created reliably and individual sync failures do not hold up the entire queue

21st January 2020

Update Moodle to version 3.7.4

  • fixes bugs and security issues

Theme updated with numerous bug and accessibility fixes

  • Fixes an issue displaying blocks in Safari on iOS
  • Fixes a readability issue of folder resources due to a blue background

New feature - Accessibility Tool - blog post coming soon

  • Allows low vision users to adjust text size, font, colour scheme, readability settings and for this to persist

11th November 2019

Update Moodle to version 3.7.3:

  • fixes bugs and security issues

Other changes:

24th October 2019

Re-implemented Tutor-Tutee data integration go-live:

  • MyFeedback now displays your tutees reliably

18th October 2019

Librelambda fileconverter go-live:

14th October 2019

Update Moodle to version 3.7.2:

  • fixes bugs and security issues

Other changes:

  • Database performance improvements

18th September 2019

Blackboard Ally go-live

13th August 2019

Post-Upgrade bug fix release

  • Upgrade to Quickmail Version 2
  • Fixes the Drag and Drop Quiz question type
  • Fixes the Molecule Editor question types
  • Theme bug fixes
  • other minor bug fixes

26th July 2019

Moodle 3.7 / Summer Upgrade 2019

  • Improvements to theme accessibility
  • Improvements to the theme on mobile devices
  • Improvements to the following features:
    • Dashboard and course overview block
    • Quiz activities and the question bank
    • Assignments
    • Forums
    • Messaging
  • The following features will be deprecated:
    • Certificate activity, use the Custom certificate activity instead
    • Vmatch question type, use the match question type instead
    • Essential theme, unused on Moodle
  • For more information regarding the summer upgrade, please read this Wiki page: Moodle 3.7 - Summer 2019 Upgrade

6th July 2019

Legacy Moodle becomes 17-18 Snapshot

  • Updated to Moodle 3.5
  • Plugins updated alongside this
  • Landing page removed and all users now go straight through to New Moodle

26th June 2019

Moodle Snapshot service rebuild & upgrade

  • All sites upgraded to Moodle 3.5
  • New Moodle Theme applied
  • plugins updated
  • number of snapshots retained dropped from 7 to 5

21 May 2019

Update Moodle to version 3.4.9:

  • fixes bugs and security issues

Other changes:

  • Fixed an issue with backup & restore
  • Retire the course migration tool 

4 April 2019

New activity -  Custom certificate Plugin

Superseeds the Certificate plugin. 

2 April 2019

New plugin - Turnitin Plagiarism Plugin

Allows the use of Turnitin in conjunction with Moodle Assignments and Moodle Workshop activities

21 March 2019

New Activity plugin - H5P

 H5P Mini-Guide

Long awaited by many, this allows for the creation of sleek interactive content

19 March 2019

Update Moodle to version 3.4.8:

  • fixes bugs and security issues

New plugin - Outage Manager:

For any future outages, in addition to the usual comms on ISD News, Moodle Homepage, etc, there will be a banner warning that the site will be going into maintenance 30 minutes ahead of time.

New plugin - Flash Apocalypse report:

Flash will be removed from all major browsers in summer 2019. This report will allow us to find any such content. We will be in touch. 

19 February 2019

Unoconv file converter - suspended temporarily

Following the go live of the Onedrive converter, a major issue with unoconv converting image files has come to light.

We will re-configure Unoconv to resolve this issue and re-enable it once we are confident this is working reliably. In the meantime, Onedrive will keep converting most of the documents.

14 February 2019

OneDrive for Business file converter - go live

All office documents are now converted via Onedrive rather than unoconv

22nd January 2019

Update Moodle to version 3.4.7:

  • fixes bugs and security issues

OneDrive for Business file converter (coming soon):

  • significant improvement to file conversion success rate & rendering of Microsoft Office documents for the Moodle Assignment
  • reduces load & service availability risks

11th December 2018

Improved documentation of UCL customisations

Update Moodle to version 3.4.6:

  • resolves an issue with the Moodle Assignment on devices running iOS 11.3 or higher
  • resolves error when adding add an event to the calendar
  • resolves an error when managing calendar subscriptions
  • resolves an error with URL and iCal calendar export

Update all plugins to the latest versions:

  • resolves an anonymity issue with "Forum (Advanced)"

Theme updated to latest version:

  • resolves an issue with the breadcrumb trail not being displayed on certain pages

Test Account automation plugin updated to run as a Scheduled task

  • resolves an issue with test accounts not being removed after expiry date
  • resolves an issue with the Moodle legacy cron not completing

4th December 2018

Update Turnitin Assignment V2 to version v2018102601

  • Resolves issues with Turnitin Assignment deadlines incorrectly displayed on the Dashboard Timeline
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