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Reports - checking user activity on your Moodle course

Moodle Reports allow tutors and course administrator to look at course logs and user activity reports. Reports can be accessed when you are in a course by going to the Settings tab. There are four types of reports:


To generate a log you can select any combination of group, student, date, activity and actions, then click the "Get these logs" button. You can see what pages the student accessed, the time and date they accessed it, the IP address they came from, and their actions (view, add, update, delete). You can choose to display the logs on a page or download them in text, ODS or Excel format.


Note: The log report page contains active links enabling you to access a student's profile page or a particular page that the student was viewing. The IP address link provides an estimate of the student's location.

Live Logs

The live logs shows activity on your Moodle course within the past hour. This page automatically updates every minute.

Activity reports

An activity report will show all activity in the course, sorted by topic. Each item will be shown with its type and name.

Course Participation

The Participation report will show all actions for particular activities and resources on your course up to 10 months ago. You can filter by role, so you can see just what tutors, course administrators or students collectively have been doing.

Sending reminders to students to complete online activities

One useful feature of the Course Participation report is that it allows you to message students who have not completed an activity. To do this select an activity and any other filters you wish to use and press Go. Click the Select all 'no' button at the bottom of the page. Where is says With selected users... choose Add/Send message and click OK. Compose your message and click Preview, then click Send message. The message will be sent using the internal Moodle messaging system and if students have their messaging preference set up set up to email messages when they are offline they may also receive the message to their UCL email inbox.

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