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About the Snapshot

The snapshot (previously know as the Archive) is a 'point-in-time' copy of UCL Moodle ( taken for reference purposes. All records present on this date will be included in the snapshot. This includes, but is not limited to, course content, i.e. resources and activities, and stored records, i.e. forum posts, assignments and grades. Modifications are made to ensure staff and students are moved into read-only roles. While this retains most of their respective functionality, it prohibits further editing or changes to course content, grades and enrolments. The purpose is to retain an accessible digital record of each course for students and staff. Courses will be kept in the archive for up to seven years.
The snapshot is available for all members of the UCL community who have a valid UCL username and password. The level of access to the snapshot reflects the level of access on the day the snapshot was taken, so if a student was enrolled on a suite of courses when the 13/14 snapshot was taken, they will have access to the same courses (albeit read-only) in the 13/14 snapshot instance of Moodle. Guest access is not enabled in the Moodle Snapshot.

Grace period for editing and Hiding content

It may be undesirable for all of your course content to remain available to staff and students on the archive. There is an initial one month editing grace period after the Snapshot is taken, for staff to make parts of a course, or an entire course invisible. We advise all staff check courses and hide content they do not want available such as:

  • Resources - resources which are released in a timely way, such as answers to assessments
  • Quizzes – summative exams
  • Any other content

To hide individual items: Turn editing on, click on the 'Edit' dropdown and then click the eye icon to hide each item. Hidden content will appear with grey shaded box around it.
To hide an entire topic area: Turn editing on and click on the eye icon to the right of the topic area you want to hide. This will close the eye  and the topic will show greyed out with a dashed border.
To hide the entire course: In the Settings menu, under Course administration click on Edit Settings. Set Availability to 'This course is not available to students' and click Save changes.

Portico enrolment mappings

Immediately after the snapshot is taken, all Portico mappings are de-activated. This means that even though the Portico mapping block retains any selected mappings, the tickbox to activate the mappings will become unset.

In effect this 'freezes' the current list of enrolled students, with no further enrolments or un-enrolments taking place. If your course follows a standard undergarduate timetable you now need to to reset your course and then re-activate your enrolment mappings. If your course doesn't follow the UG timetable then it is up to you whether you want to re-enable enrolment mappings for the remainder of the duration of your course. If the class list is now stable, then you could leave the mapping inactive. If you are expecting further changes with portico to be reflected in the Moodle enrolments, the you should re-activate th emappings.

Accessing the Snapshot

The different yearly Snapshots can be viewed here



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