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Course administrators may wish to prevent tutors and non-editing tutors from seeing the submission inbox after completing anonymous marking for an assignment, in order to protect the integrity of the anonymous marking system. The following steps describe how to do this.

1. Log into Moodle in your Course Administator role.

2. Go to the course you wish to make the changes to.

3. Click the Edit drop down menu next to the assignment you wish to change the permissions for, and select Edit settings

4. In the Updating Assignment (Turnitin) in... screen for the assignment go to the Settings block and under Turnitin Assessment Administration click on Permissions (i.e. Settings > Permissions).

5. Alongside 'Grade Turnitin Tool Assignments' click the grey cross, x next to Non-editing Tutor and click on the Remove button in the 'Confirm role change' pop-up. Then do the same for the Tutor role.

Job done and you can navigate to wherever you want to go next in Moodle having prevented anyone on the course with the roles Non-editing Tutor or Tutor from viewing the submission inbox for the assignment. 

To undo this action you will need to re-instate the permissions. To do this follow steps 1-4 as above, then alongside 'Grade Turnitin Tool Assignments' click the little grey plus sign, + (it should appear just under the list of roles for that capability), and click on the button in the Allow role: pop-up for each role that you now want to have this ability/permission.

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