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Turnitin Known Issues

When setting the restrict access criteria for a Turnitin assignment to user based restrictions, it treats tutor and course administrators like students.2016Raised with Turnitin supportIf you set restrict to students with a certain email, it is also necessary to add the tutor/ course administrator email.
Submitting .docx created in Office 365 files does not always submit to Turnitin. Despite receipt number being generated. The following advice has been circulated via the HELF (JISC Heads of E-Learning Forum) Turnitin mailing list, 'We have confirmed that one cause of failed/corrupted submissions is the result of students submitting Word dcuments created using Word Online (Office 365). Those documents saved as PDF before submission seem to work.' Re-saving the document in normal 'desktop' Word will also fix this issue.2016Raised with Turnitin support

Open and save the file from Windows desktop Office software. Save as PDF.

From Turnitin

"As discussed, this assignment is set to allow any file type.  This means that some submissions that have been made will not be able to generate an originality percentage and may show as pending as we are unable to extract the text to generate a report.

We would advise that the students access the check for issue area within Microsoft Word, inspect the document and look for any custom XLM errors and then click on the 'remove' button to see if this removes the areas and tries submitting the work again.  This may allow the report to be generated.

Please also note, we do not accept documents that have been created via Google Docs.  If students have tried to submit created via Google Docs, then we will not be able to generate a report.  We recommend that such documents are saved in a different format

Sometimes marks in the assignment don't transfer into the gradebookUnknownRaised with Turnitin supportThis occurs when the Turnitin assignment in Moodle does not syncronise with the Turnitin database. Clicking on Edit Settings for the assignment and clicking Refresh all Grades from Turnitin should sync them.

There is an issue with PeerMark that if a student starts a review but does not submit it before the due date they will appear as 'submitted' after due date, but this is not reflected in the downloadable spreadsheet of scaled responses, as attempt was never officially submitted.Therefore the number of submission in the spreadsheet will not reflect the number displayed in PeerMark. This can be identified by seeing if the students review submission date was the same as due date.

Raised with Turnitin supportBe aware of this possible discrepancy if you use the downloadable spreadsheet.
An anonymous assignment is created with only one part. After creation, the course admin or tutor adds one of more new parts to the assignment. When the students begin to submit to the secondary parts, their names are shown despite the post date not being reached.
Raised with TurnitinIf multiple part anonymous assignment is required, ensure all parts are set up at the time of assignment creation.

PeerMark: A bug has been identified in the Peer Assignment distribution. Due to this bug, it is not possible to guarantee the even distribution of Peer reviews between students when the feature "automatic distribution of papers" is selected during the assignment's creation. Also, some students will be able to complete more reviews than those assigned to them.

7 Feb 2017Raised with Turnitin

Turnitin's engineering department is working on a fix. But, as a workaround, instructors are able to manually pair students when creating the assignment in order to guarantee a more even distribution.

Alternatively, consider using Moodle Workshop for peer assessment.

Deletion/bin icon not working for some users. When clicked, nothing happens.
Raised with TurnitinClear browser cache- this should fix the problem. If this does not work, please email digi-ed@ucl.ac.uk with the module code and paper ID for deletion.
Digital receipts being generated for students who have not submitted. This happens when the grader accidentally clicks on the grade pencil next to a students' name in the submission inbox.
To be fixed July 2017Avoid clicking the grading pencil for students who have not submitted. A warning is generated when you do click on the icon.

Turnitin Quirks - Expected Behaviour

IssueStatusWorkaround or Reasoning
When a teacher clicks rubric icon on the assignment submission page to preview rubric, it shows a different rubric to the one they attached.Expected behaviourWhen a teacher clicks the rubric icon it opens the rubric editor and shows the first rubric in their library. When students click the same icon they will see the rubric attached to the assignment. To check your rubric and assignment are setup correctly use a test student account.
Allows Post Date to be sooner than the Due Date.Expected behaviourThis is a feature which has been introduced by design, as it gives the ability for instructors to provide feedback to students who have submitted an assignment, perhaps a first draft. This will allow students to view initial feedback, continue to progress with their assignment and resubmit their assignment until the final due date.
When, as a student, you preview a rubric in Turnitin, the Close button doesn't work in Firefox.Turnitin unable to fixPlease use the 'Close' link top right of screen instead.
Tutor can be submit on behalf of student after due/ post date.Expected Behaviour

Instructors have the ability to resubmit submit papers after the assignment due date, until the class expires, at which time the class becomes read-only. This option allows instructors to resubmit for a student in case the wrong paper was submitted.

Inconsistent upload of Word for Mac files. Sometimes file can be submitted without problems,however, on occasion, Turnitin will fail to process the whole document.Turnitin unable to fixOpen and save the file from Windows Office software. Save as PDF and resubmit paper.
21/03/18 Missing line breaks in FS - shows blank space where next page is meant to be. Issue with using Quckmark tool not working properlyLogged issue with TII Clearing cache seems to resolve issue with line breaks

Recently resolved

Resolution Date/ Tested Date

Message “Resubmissions are allowed for this assignment until the due date passes. Any and all marks will be deleted when or if the paper is resubmitted. Would you like to continue?”


Submission titles containing a forward slash ( / ) or quotation marks ( " ) will not submit properly 

The submission count doesn't increment each time you resubmit a document to a submisison inboxUnknown
Student can see the blue grading pencil when they look on 'my submissions' tab. Clicking on this will launch the document viewer, but an error will then be generated.8/08/2016Unknown
Export option not working. Raised with TurnitinClicking on the export button leads to an error message: Timeout from upstream server. 

Issue:  Pasting text into the Feedback comments area from word processers such as Microsoft word causes the screen to freeze and/or only allows a minimal amount of text to be entered ( the limit should be 5000 characters). This is due to extra formatting being pasted into the comments section making it un-editable.

Workaround: Text should be pasted from plain text editors such as Notepad or Textedit

5th March 2018

7th March 2018

RF Ticket- 02877310

Release Notes

The latest release notes from Turnitin, listing bug fixes and new functionality