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Moodle Snapshot

All Moodle courses are automatically copied each year on an agreed date between mid July and early August to create the Moodle Snapshot. This normally takes place in the middle of July, after all undergraduate courses have finished. Once the Moodle Snapshot has taken place, UCL staff have a one month grace period to make changes to their old courses before it goes permanently read-only. Students are always read-only in the Moodle Snapshot.
Full information about archiving policy and process can be found at Moodle Snapshot - please do read this before proceeding and resetting your course.

Resetting your Moodle Course

Reset allows you to empty a Moodle course of students and their contributions, while retaining content, activities and other settings. It is very important that you reset your Moodle course between cohorts. Course resetting has to be initiated by the course owner, it doesn't happen automatically. See Resetting your Moodle course for instructions.

Start of year checklist

Once your course has been copied into the Snapshot and reset, you can follow the Start of year checklist to make sure your course is ready for teaching. This includes guidance on updating your course material, contact details, enrolment setting etc.



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