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  • Students are asked to read something about one of their interests online and write a summary in their personal wiki spaces.
    For example, news reports, gossip about celebrities, strange or funny things, YouTube
  • They are asked to compile lists of interesting links and a directory of interesting materials is compiled. German example: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/~ccaacdi/german.htm Japanese example: http://www.jlgweb.org.uk/btj/
  • Materials to be used as foundations for conversation in the classroom.
  • Translation (student translate bits of a passage in their personal areas and then the whole translation is put together in the Norwegian Wiki)
  • Change of purpose
    • (e.g. take a piece of 'Min barndoms verden' and dramatise it. If successful, recordings could be posted in the wiki)
    • write the piece from a different point of view (e.g. another character's) or set in another time
  • Students are asked to make vocabularies or add words to the wiki dictionary.
  • Work with mistranslations e.g. when the meaning is nonsensical or has another meaning (e.g. gift).
    • Make a collection of comic mistakes/amusing idioms which may be used to end a lesson.
  • Students are encouraged to listen to and manipulate songs (on YouTube or recorded in Norway on an .mp3 player) in the target language.
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