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Translate the sentences below into Norwegian

1.  Yesterday I could not go to university because it was raining and I did not have a raincoat or an umbrella.

2.  I had to sit at home all day and hope that it would stop raining.

3.  I did not want to go out in the rain because I did not want to catch a cold.

4.  Can I borrow 5 pund from you, I will give them back tomorrow.

5.  I think you ought to stop smoking and I also think you ought to eat more fruit and vegetables.

6.  Tomorrow I'm going to the cinema, there is a new film that I really want to see.

7.  Why don't you want to come with me to the cinema?  I said I would pay for your ticket.

8.  What you ought to do and what you want to do are often two different things.

An unexpected Guest

Yesterday I did not go to work because I was ill.  In fact, I could have gone, but I did not want to.  I wanted to have a day at home and read my books and look at my e-mails.  My partner said to me: 'I think you ought to go even if you feel bad, you cannot sit indoors all day long'.
But I did not want to go to work so I stayed (remained) at home. 
I sat down and started reading, but then the doorbell rang.  I thought: 'Who can it be?' and opened the door.  Outside stood a beautiful young lady.  She was wearing a red miniskirt and a tiny top.  Her hair was long and black and she was tall and slim.  I wondered what she wanted and thought that she might have a problem with her car.  She looked at me and said: 'May I come inside, there is something I want to tell you.'

I could not understand what she could want to tell me, but I said come in and would you like a cup of tea.  She replied: 'No thank you, I don't like tea, but could I have a glass of orange juice instead'.

She sat down in the living room and pulled up her skirt to show me her long slim legs.

'What do you want to tell me?'  I asked.

'Oh nothing, only that you must leave your partner, and then you must come and live with me.  I love you, you see, and I have been following you around for a month now, but you have never noticecd me.' 

She sat still for a few minutes whilst I was wondering how to handle the situation.  In the end I said to her:

'You have to understand that I already have a partner, so I think you ought to leave now, that would be the best thing.  My partner is very jealous and she will  kill us both if she finds you here'.  This was not true, but what could I say?  I love my partner and this woman was obviously a bit mad.  'You must try to forget about me and I shall forget that you came to see me.  My partner will be here soon, she only went to the supermarket to buy milk  (this wasn't true either, she had gone to work and would not be back till the evening) and like I said, if she sees you here, we will both be in terrible trouble'. 

But the young lady just looked at me, and it was quite clear that she was not going to leave.

NB  I didn't want her to misunderstand - Jeg ville ikke at hun skulle misforstå


1.  Translate the passage into Norwegian.

2.  Write a continuateion to the story (ca. 200 words). OR Tell the story from the lady's point of view (ca. 200 words).

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