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  • Norwegian gap-fill exercises
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Simple past tense exercise

Ulven. Present to preterite

En sann historie. Present to preterite

Sykkelturen. Present to preterite

Preteritum. En snill ung mann

Fortidsfuturum. Future in the past

Exercise on verb tenses

Nouns and prepositions

Exercise on plurals

Preposition exercises

Preposisjoner.  En stille mann

Preposition exercise

Som, at, preposisjon. Isbjørnen og brevene

Senkningen av krigsskipet Blücher

Possessive pronouns

Da jeg var barn. Possessive pronouns

Kjøtt i saus. Possessive pronouns

Karis leilighet. Possessive pronouns


Hitler har tisset på den. Da/når exercise

Ødemarksbaronen. Substantive and adjective


Translation exercise. Norwegian-English

Translate into Norwegian. The book

Translation into English. En sann historie

Correct positioning of the adverb

Common problems

Correct the mistakes

Correct the mistakes. Mannen

Noen noe osv

Hvem som or hva som?

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