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Hot potato exercise

Exercise on plurals

Bøy disse substantivene etter følgende mønster.

      (en bil - bilen - biler - bilene) 

1.  en hage

2.  et kne

3.  et fotoapparat

4.  ei elv

5.  en far

6.  et armbånd

7.  en sanger

8.  en politimann

9.  en bror

10. et år

2.  Oversett følgende tekst til norsk.

a robber - en røver

to collect - å samle på

Per walks to the post office.  He sends two letters and a card.  He also buys four stamps.  Then he goes to the shopping-centre and buys two new jumpers and to the super-marked to buy three bottles of coke and one bottle of water.  He also buys potatoes, beans and two sausages.  Afterwards he goes to the library and borrows two books.

In the evening Per eats the potatoes, the beans and the sausages.  When he has eaten, he sits in a good chair and reads a book about China and drinks two cups of tea.

Per has many friends.  The friends come from many countries.  Per likes to talk to people from other countries and he often reads books about countries that he wants to visit one day.  Per doesn't like to walk because he has painful knees.  Sometimes his feet hurt as well, particularly his toes.  When he doesn't want to go outside, he sits and listens to music, or he watches his favorite singers on TV.  He has two interesting sisters.  One of them collects bracelets and the other one is interested in small animals and novels about policemen and robbers.