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Please feel free to add words and examples to this small learning dictionary. Please note it doesn't yet have entries for C, Q, W, X, Z and Æ.

Here is a much larger electronic dictionary you may find useful: http://ordbok.uib.no

Model entries


kåpe f. 'woman's coat, cloak'
Use f., m. and nt. (rather than c. and nt.) so that it is clear which nouns are feminine for use in informal situations.


Indicate feminine nouns which normally have -a rather than -en in the Definite form and neuter nouns which can only have -a in the plural Definite (rather than having the usual alternative in -ene):
geit f. (pl -a) 'goat'
barn nt. (pl only -a) 'child'

Indicate any nouns that have another vowel in the plural:

bok f. (pl bøker)


fæl 'horrid, nasty': den fæle heksa 'the nasty witch'


bestemme for å (bestemte, bestemt) 'decide to': jeg bestemmer meg for å spise henne 'I decide to eat her'

If words have more than one meaning (please see få!), use 1., 2. etc. Use : before an example of a particular meaning and ; to separate lists of examples.


  • good examples, esp. of idioms

Possible improvements

  • pronunciation of word
  • tone 1 or 2?

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