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Tottenham Court Road

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Yesterday something really strange happened, and I don’t understand it.  I was walking down Tottenham court Road when I heard somebody calling my name.  As I don’t know many people in London I couldn’t understand who it could be.  I have only been here for ten days and the only people I know are my brother and his English girlfriend. 

            I turned round to see who it was but couldn’t see anybody that I knew.  As I didn’t see anybody I thought I must have imagined it all and continued down the street.  But there it was again.  Somebody called my name just behind me.  Again I turned round, and again I saw nobody that I knew.  This was quite scary and I fled into a shop to get away from whoever it was that was calling me.  When I was inside the shop I discovered that I had entered a second hand book shop.  I was very surprised to discover that some of the books were in Swedish, Danish and Norwegian. 

            As I didn’t feel like leaving the shop I started walking around, looking at the books.  Suddenly I discovered a book that I’d had when I was about five years old.  One of my aunties had given it to me, and I had loved that book a lot.  It was about a troll boy who grew up in the Norwegian mountains.  It had beautiful and colourful illustrations.  Unfortunately my younger brother tore it up and I never found another copy.  After I grew up I got the idea that I wanted to find the book.  I searched the Internet and bookshops, but as I had no idea who had written it and what it was called, I never found it.

            I bought the book, and continued on my way down the street.  Nobody called my name.

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