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There are various options for creating Moodle quizzes more quickly than using the online Moodle quiz creation tool. Options include:

Buying test banks from textbook publishers and then importing them to Moodle

Buying question banks from textbook publishers: http://newsletter.respondus.com/january-2013/easy-publisher-test-banks

Search test banks: 

Asking students to contribute question

See: http://docs.moodle.org/24/en/Question_creator_role

Creating questions offline then importing them to Moodle

Importing quiz questions into Moodle:

The most straight forward way of importing standard quiz questions into Moodle is using the Word Table format.

Comprehensive information on importing questions into Moodle: http://docs.moodle.org/23/en/Import_questions

Moodle recommends using Moodle XML format, as it allows the most comprehensive quiz data to be imported.

Importing questions from native Moodle format or from text files:

Comprehensive formats:

These formats support multiple-choice, true-false, short answer, matching, missing word, cloze, numerical and essay questions.

They do not support calculated, drag and drop, algebra, regular expression or random matching questions:

  • Word Table format (recommended) lets you create Moodle quiz questions, including comprehensive feedback and grades in Word tables, then upload them to Moodle. It supports images and LaTeX. This can save you time.
  • GIFT format: Use a text file to export and import many Moodle question types with feedback, marks etc. Images are not supported. Find out how to format the text file here: http://buypct.com/gift_reference.pdf Enables multiple-choice, true-false, short answer, matching, missing word, numerical and essay questions to be imported or exported via text file. There are many tools to create GIFT format files: 

Simple formats for specific question types:

  • Aiken format: a simple format for importing multiple choice questions from a text file.
  • Embedded answers (Cloze): imports passage of text with questions such as multiple-choice and short answer embedded within it.
  • Missing word format: This format is only used for multiple choice questions and short answer questions, similar to GIFT. Currently has problems with MCQs - not recommended!


  • Do GIFT and Moodle XML support the import of images? GIFT doesn't, but Moodle XML does.
  • Do GIFT and Moodle XML support Latex? It seems that Moodle XML supports this (though it might just export the image - it would be better if it exported the LaTeX code so it is editable). I'm not sure if GIFT supports LaTeX - needs confirming.
  • Do GIFT and Moodle XML support calculated questions? It sounds like Moodle XML format supports calculated questions, but this needs to be confirmed. Not sure about GIFT.
  • Will QTI be supported by Moodle at some point? In the near future it looks like no, it won't. The import/export is no longer supported and QTI 2.1 is yet to be formally released by IMS.
Importing questions from other Virtual Learning Environments (VLEs) and Quiz software into Moodle:

The following Moodle quiz import types allow you to import from other VLEs and quiz software:

  • Blackboard: for importing questions from Blackboard version 5 "POOL" type export format.
  • Blackboard V6+: supports all Blackboard export formats via zip file (includes images) or dat file.
  • Examview: imports quetions from Examview 4 XML files. For Examview 5+ Blackboard format may be used.
  • Hot Potatoes: imports Hot Potatoes questions into Moodle. Hot Potatoes is a freeware suite of applications that create interactive multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-sentence, crossword, matching/ordering and gap-fill exercises. Hot Potatoes is available from: http://hotpot.uvic.ca
  • Learnwise format: imports multiple choice questions saved in Learnwise's XML format.
  • WebCT format: imports multiple-choice and short answer questions saved in WebCT's text-based format.
  • Examview: imports quetions from Examview 4 XML files. For Examview 5+ Blackboard format may be used.
  • Respondus: As of Moodle 2, Respondus is no longer supported as a quiz question format. In order to import from Respondus a plugin would need to be installed on UCL Moodle.

Generating a Moodle question bank using the Maths Quiz GUI

Created by Tristan Robinson as part of an ELDG project

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