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Equipment for recording video:

Equipment for recording audio:

  • Smartphones (iPhone & iPad owners are able to buy additional 'professional quality' microphones such as the Tascam im2/im2x)
  • Tablets
  • Dedicated handheld hardware recorder (range in price from ~£50 - £1000s)
  • Laptop with built-in microphone
  • Laptop/desktop with external microphone (eg Engineering has a Samson USB microphone). If you need to be able to move around, USB clip-mics (eg Revolabs xTag USB) are also available and, again, vary in cost. (The Revolabs set costs ~£200).


For free audio conversion software for PC and Mac see: http://blogs.ucl.ac.uk/ele/2015/03/16/need-to-convert-wav-files-to-mp3/



Not recommended:

  • Filmora is easy to use, but the watermark goes right across the bulk of the lower 3rd of the screen, so is unsuitable for video capture unless you buy a license.



  • Audacity - free cross-platform audio editor and multitrack recorder.

Free options for recording audio on a Mac:

Free options for recording audio on a PC:

For either of these options to be able to capture a Windows computer's native sound output (eg Skype, Youtube videos etc  - not external audio such as a microphone) the soundcard will need to be configured accordingly. Windows soundcards vary from machine to machine, but a fairly comprehensive set of instructions for configuring them can be found on a dedicated Audacity hardware configuration page.

Options for recording Skype calls on a PC:

How to produce videos for teaching and learning

If you want to learn to how to create videos for your courses, please download the guide Producing your own teaching and learning videos

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