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Students working on an Engineering Summer Studentship in 2013 developed these standard moodle guidelines to help the developers of a Moodle course ensure they were using consistent styles for their quiz questions.

You are encouraged to use this (or modify it to suit your needs) to ensure accessibility standards are adhered to and everyone in the Moodle development team understand how to style their content.

Meet the baseline standars outlined here: Accessibility#E-LearningBaseline(level1-required)


Figures (images) and tables:

  • Centre tables and figures (or images).
  • Refer to figures and tables in the text so students will know if something is missing if it does not display properly.
  • Add figure and table captions (i.e. figure 1, table 2) as well as a short description, to make it easy to refer to it in the text.


Hints and Advice within bulk text:

  • Add a light bulb symbol to start the sentence, followed by the word Hint. You might like to use this light bulb symbol: 
  • Hint: Think about...


Video (embedded):

  • Standard video size: 560x315.
  • Alignment: Centre (highlight the video as if highlighting a bulk of text and click Centre)

Avoid acronyms:

  • Use the full name of items at least once per page, then follow this with the acronym in brackets if you want to refer to it later on the same page.


  • Ensure Symbols and Greek letters display correctly.
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