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Covid-19 teaching continuity

Please be advised that UCL's Teaching and Assessment Continuity webpages offer fully up-to-date resources and guidance to support colleagues to teach remotely across a variety of approaches, including lectures, seminars and group study, tutorials, and project supervision. You are advised to follow links at this location rather than search for resources independently.

UCL E-Learning Wiki

This wiki is a joint enterprise - here you can share your e-learning practice with UCL colleagues and E-Learning Champions.

To start contributing, navigate to the relevant topic area in the left-hand menu and click the Edit icon in the top, right of the page. If you can't see this please request access from UCL Digital Education. For guidance on editing see the UCL Wiki Help.

Where do I start?

If you are new to UCL or digital education get started here .


Here's a list of E-Learning Champions online habitats and tools - the online places E-Learning Champions come together. Feel free to break out into other places, and add them to the list below.

UCL E-Learning Wiki (you're here)
A UCL-hosted wiki, good for documentation and reference materials.

UCL E-Learning Champions' Moodle
A place to discuss and demonstrate designs for learning.

The E-Learning Environments blog (E-Learning Champions category)
  Public-facing news in long form.

E-Learning Champions on Yammer
Not currently busy, but a UCL-wide social network for news, links, anecdotes in short form.

Twitter - if you tweet and it's Champions-related, use the hashtag #UCLDigiEd and follow @UCLDigiEd 
For short form news which is also public-facing.

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Thank you to our UCL E-Learning Wiki contributors: 


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