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If a Moodle space editor has set up Advanced Grading using a Rubric, on this page you can see how it displays to students.

Assuming the option to 'Allow users to preview rubric used in the module (otherwise rubric will only become visible after grading)' has been enabled by the assessor, then students may access the rubric at any time by clicking on the link to their Moodle Assignment. Then...

...in a Moodle Assignment, before the submission due date

The criteria display conspicuously above the link to submit. (Click on the image to enlarge it).

In a Moodle Assignment, with feedback

After the assessor has used the rubric to grade the work and has released the marks and feedback to students, then they see the page below.


  • Green shading indicates the level achieved for each criterion.
  • If the assessor has commented on each criterion, those appear in the rightmost column. (Users may need to use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the rubric to see the furthermost columns to the right).
  • If the assessor has also provided an overall summary comment, it appears under the rubric.
  • If the assessor has annotated the student's work, a link appears under the rubric.

If feedback is dispersed between rubric, comments, and annotations, students may need support to relate these to each other.

In Turnitin, with feedback

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