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About this test:

This test consists of [??] questions including [multiple choice questions (single best answer and multiple answer), matching questions and free-text questions.] 

The maximum marks you can receive is displayed to the left of each question. Partially correct answers will be awarded part marks. You won't be negatively marked for incorrect answers, so you should attempt to answer all questions.

You will have [??] minutes to complete the test. Those who have been granted additional time to complete the test will be allowed to continue for the agreed period. Numeric answers [DO/DO NOT] require you to enter the unit in the answer.

About Moodle quizzes:

Moodle will save your answers each time you click to the next question. You can flag any questions you wish to return to by clicking the 'flag question' link to the left of each question.

When you have finished the test press [Finish attempt...] and you will be shown a summary of the questions showing those you have answered and those you haven't. You can return to any question by clicking on the question number.

Click [Submit all and finish] and you will be prompted to confirm - once you confirm you want to [Submit all and finish] you will not be able to re-enter the test, unless it is set to allow multiple attempts.

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