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The personal lecture capture software that is available to download via the Lecturecast/Echo system is both simple and fairly instinctive to use.

Within MS&I the Janes ( Britton and Burns-Nurse) have already used it in a number of different way, all of which have been well received by students and have achieve very high view rates.

There are a number of hints and tips to bear in mind when preparing a personal Lecturecast:

  • Choose a quiet time and place where you won't be disturbed
  • Make sure your phone and other sources of interuption are off
  • Think through what you plan to say carefully, the recordings seem to highlight the umms and ahhs that we all insert into our speech. Perhaps its the lack of body language that just make them more obvious.
  • If you make a mistake... stop talking, take a note of the time, then carry on. You can edit the error out later
  • Think about whether you need to slow down to help your audience take your messages on board more readily
  • Turn the video off... most people don't have sufficient bandwidth to make the result useful
  • Practice helps build familiarity with the application and helps you relax
  • Have fun.

 Slidecasting Presentation

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