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What is it?

A quick and easy way to share sites with colleagues, peers and others without clogging up social media streams. Bookmarking is a way of saving the link to a useful website so you can remember it and easily access it again later. This is normally done on a browser level, using the bookmark or favorite button. Social Bookmarking sites often offer plugins for your address bar and let you bookmark sites in a way that is easily shared with others. You can collaborate on bookmark lists with others or create one to disseminate information. Most sites will allow you to create multiple lists which enables you to only share relevant content with multiple groups of others and to curate your bookmarks. Some sites will also permit you to add meta data to bookmarks such as tags and descriptions, to help you note what is information/ relevant about that particular link. 

Popular sites



Mister Wing








Free and community driven in most cases.

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