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Enid Hwang: 367th person to sign up to Pinterest. Loved it so much she emailed the co-founder, met him for coffee and is now their Community Manager. (Source: http://blog.careercloud.com/post/55175638420/9-social-media-job-search-success-stories)

Dawn Siff: Made a 6 second resume on Vine and then got hired by the Economist Group. Her video is stille aviable online: https://vine.co/v/b6wxtwrwP7P (Source: http://blog.careercloud.com/post/55175638420/9-social-media-job-search-success-stories)

Chris Putnam: Created a virus to make Facebook pages look like MySpace pages. Ended up talking to and getting friendly with a co-founder of Facebook. Got offered an interview and eventually hired by Facebook. (Source: http://blog.careercloud.com/post/55175638420/9-social-media-job-search-success-stories)



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