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The technologies introduced below either don’t require accounts, or are non-for-profit - except Polldaddy. 

Padlet for contributing media resources on a theme

Padlet accepts many media from many contributors, and displays these cleverly in a page which can be exported in PDF, spreadsheet and other formats. Padlets can be embedded and it is possible to receive alerts of changes.


Gigapixel for annotating images

Developed at Northwestern University, Gigapixel lets people annotate high definition images (you need to find somewhere to host these).


Hypothes.is for annotating online pages and docs, with collaboration


VideoAnt is for annotating YouTube videos

Developed in the University of Minnesota, a free service for minute-by-minute annotation of video uploaded to YouTube.


Answergarden for collecting responses


Lecturecast Active Learning Platform for in-session polling and questions

Students can interact with your slides using their own devices connected to Eduroam. Question types you can use are multichoice, short answer, ranking and click-on-image.

Lecturecast ALP for instructors.

Polldaddy for opinion polls or surveys

Polldaddy lets anyone with a wordpress.com account set up polls or surveys. It allows unlimited responses (this is rare, and what makes it amenable to large groups).


Tricider for collecting ideas with pros and cons


Example: http://www.tricider.com/brainstorming/35Nj7bopeCN

Doodle for polls and organising meetings


ZeeMaps for mapping

Zeemaps is good for mapping markers, routes, boundaries, landmarks, destinations, or objects.


More tools (range of business models; accounts sometimes needed):

Ideas for what to do with the tools

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