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Dear colleague,

Welcome to the E-Learning Champions' Network.

If you are hoping to join, please contact the existing members from your department to see if you can also join the network.

If you are not a member you can still sign up to the e-learning newsletter.

This aim of this network is to facilitate and champion the use of technology in teaching and learning across UCL by sharing our practices and working across departments and faculties.

The group is formed of at least one academic and one person working in a technical or administrative capacity from each department across UCL.

There are three things new members should do to start:

  1. Check your name is on the list of E-Learning Champions, and if it is missing please do log in and add your details to the list. (If you are taking over from someone else please remove their name(s) from this list).
  2. Sign up to our monthly UCL E-Learning Newsletter  - to help you keep up to date with UCL E-Learning initiatives, events and useful tips. Past newsletters are here.
  3. Enrol yourself on the UCL E-Learning Champions' Moodle - a place to discuss and demonstrate designs for learning. You can use this space to ask e-learning questions on the forums.

The E-Learning Champions' Moodle includes discussion forums where members of our Special Interest Groups (SIGs) can communicate. If you are interested in joining, please visit the relevant Moodle page. We currently run SIGs in the following areas:

You can also communicate with other E-Learning Champions on the following digital spaces:

  • UCL E-Learning Wiki - a UCL-hosted wiki, good for documentation and reference materials. As a UCL staff member you have edit access and we encourage you to contribute.
  • UCL Moodle User group - a self-help support area for users of Moodle at UCL.
  • E-Learning Champions on Yammer - a UCL-wide social network for news, links, and anecdotes in short form. You will probably have received an invite to join Yammer if you aren't already a member.
  • Twitter - if you tweet and it's Champions-related, use the hashtag #elearningUCL - for short form news which is also public-facing.
  • The E-Learning Environments blog (E-Learning Champions category) - for public-facing news in long form.

Finally, the UCL Connected Learning Baseline describes the minimum expectations for e-learning provision for all taught programmes and modules at UCL, with a focus on Moodle. You can request further copies of the baseline from the website.

If you want further information please contact the Digital Education team.

We look forward to seeing you at a UCL E-Learning Event soon.

The Digital Education Advisory team

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