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We would like to trial the use of Yammer with the E-Learning Champions network to complement our in-person conversations across UCL. Yammer is a social networking environment owned by Microsoft and externally hosted, but UCL has a domain within it (this service is currently free). Yammer allows us to follow colleagues, form groups, post and reply to messages on a wall, ask and answer questions, upload files, append keywords to conversations, schedule events, poll members, and add notes.

How to sign up

Go to www.yammer.com/ucl.ac.uk and login in using your UCL email address and a password different from your UCL one.

Find the E-Learning Champions group

Search for "champions" in the Search box at the top of the page. Once you are on the E-Learning Champions group page, click join in the top, right of the page until you see a green tick and Joined button.

Sign up for (daily) email alerts

Once you are on the E-Learning Champions group page, scroll down to the Settings box (last on the right) and select the Email checkbox to receive daily conversation updates for this group. You can also reply to posts via email if you find this easier.

How to post

Start a new conversation by posting text under Share an Update. You can tag your post with topics by clicking on the Topic link.

Suggested topics

Here are some topics you might like to use to tag your posts:

  • Animation & simulation;
  • Assessment & feedback;
  • Audio and video;
  • Classroom technologies;
  • Collaborative & group work in and outside the classroom;
  • Content Delivery;
  • Fully online learning;
  • Images;
  • Online discussion;
  • Operational & management tools;
  • Personal technologies;
  • Portfolios;
  • Programme or Module feedback from students;
  • Working with Equations;
  • Language learning.
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