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Everything you do online leaves a trail of information that others can see. Employers are increasingly referring to online systems to find and vet candidates. The Digital Footprint activity can help you to find what information is out there that may impact your chances of employment (both positively and negatively).

What are digital footprints?

Find out about your digital footprint!

  1. Print out the DigitalFootprint.pdf
  2. Search for your name online in quotes:
    1. google: www.google.com
      1. web
      2. image search
      3. video search
      4. news
  3. On the NOW side of the footprint poster write down all the things you currently find about yourself.
  4. Put a tick alongside the ones you are happy with and a cross alongside those you would rather remove.
  5. On the other side of the footprint write down all the things you would like employers to find out about yourself.


Click to download your digital footprint

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