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Wiki discontinued

This wiki is no longer being developed and you should consider its content out-of-date. For current information on the planning, design, and launch of online and blended short courses please visit the Develop and manage short courses: resources for staff webpages.

5. Review and evaluate your course

Making good things even better, fixing up what isn't working so well

5.1 - Courses are periodically reviewed by the course team

On-a periodic cycle or by request, courses can be reviewed to ensure they are maintaining a high level of quality and being developed throughout their lifecycle. 

5.2 - Collecting feedback is built into the course schedule

UCLeXtend has a template survey which is recommended to be used in all courses. You are free to add further questions to this survey, or use this one as default.  

Pre-course survey

Asks a range of course and learning evaluation questions.

Pre-course questions asked - as a wiki page

Pre-course questions - as a Opinio survey (to import into Opinio) 

Post-course survey

Asks a range of course and learning evaluation questions.

Post-course questions asked as a wiki page

Post-course questions - as an Opinio survey (to import into Opinio)

About templates

The reason for the standard questions is to build a level of understanding about learners across all courses for us to further enhance and develop the UCLeXtend service.

You are free to add custom questions, these are only guiding questions for you to use.

5.3 Rebuild and improve

We hope from feedback collected, or your experiences of using UCLeXtend, that you'll want to improve your course over time. We run the User Group (see Home to join) to connect people active/interested in this area so they can share experiences, learn from one another and network. Over time, and with your feedback, UCLeXtend will improve to ensure it provides a range of innovative and functional tools for your courses to mature and for new ideas to flourish. 

5.4 The value of feedback for promotional purposes

When deciding what to ask in your feedback, also consider what would be beneficial to you for marketing purposes. Please see a guide on the Life Learning wiki.

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