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Pre-course questions asked

You do not have to build a questionnaire, each course team are provided with one automatically.

UCLeXtend Pre-Course Questionnaire Template

Question 1
What is your gender?

  • Male 
  • Female 
  • Transgender 
  • Would prefer not to say 

Question 2
What is your year of birth?

Question 3
Which country is your current or main residence?

Question 4

  • Are you currently enrolled as a student at an educational institution (such as a school, colleague or university)?
  • Full time student 
  • Part time student 
  • Not a student 

Question 5
What is your highest level of study/qualification?

  • Doctorate 
  • Masters 
  • Bachelors 
  • Professional qualification / training 
  • Vocational qualification / training 
  • Secondary school higher qualification (e.g. A Level) 
  • Secondary school qualification (e.g. GCSE) 
  • Some schooling 
  • No formal schooling 

Question 6
Which of the following best describes your current employment?

  • IT/information services 
  • Legal 
  • Education/Training/Library 
  • Arts/Design/Media 
  • Business/Finance 
  • Architecture/Engineering 
  • Office/Administration 
  • Management 
  • Healthcare 
  • Other employment 
  • Not currently in employment
  • No labels