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Hello & Welcome to UCLeXtend 101! 

If you're making a UCLeXtend course, or just thinking about it. Then this is a good place to be.




 Going live


  • Analyse your needs; 
  • Identify requirements;
  • Ensure suitability;
  • Submit a proposal.
  • Learning outcomes;
  • Delivery format;
  • Create activities;
  • Build online space(s).
  • Create samples;
  • Develop materials;
  • Review and pilot;
  • Go-live sign off.
  • Tracking engagement;
  • Promotion / marketing;
  • Re-runs and schedules;
  • Going live;
  • Awareness of issues;
  • Measuring knowledge;
  • Reading behaviour;
  • Determine results.

Apology - this space is being edited regularly and something you'll find gaps, omissions and mishtakes - we blame Matt Jenner

Meeting like-minded folk

Join the UCL Distance Learning and Life Learning Network

If you're building UCLeXtend courses, active in CPD and short courses or just interested in this area then we recommend joining our internal community called the UCL Distance Learning and Life Learning Network. Joining is just subscribing to a mailing list but we run events throughout the year and on a range of themes. This is a good opportunity to hear updates from the central teams, network with colleagues. hear what others are up to and generally take part within the wider group. 

Find out more / join in


Contact us

If you are unsure or wish to discuss your ideas please get in touch with the UCLeXtend team on extend@ucl.ac.uk 

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