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Here you will find guidance on using AssessmentUCL to deliver assessments.

Getting started with AssessmentUCLGetting Started with AssessmentUCL

Hear you can find out more about the AssessmentUCL project, terminology, and an overview of the AssessmentUCL platform.

If you are unfamiliar with AssessmentUCL, please start here.

Marking Exams in 2021Marking Centrally Managed Exams 2021

Here you can find guidance on the marking options available for the 2021 centrally managed exams. There is no requirement to mark in AssessmentUCL, however if you choose this option, there are video guides and training available.

If marking exams in 2021, please start here.

Role GuidesAssessmentUCL Role Guides

Here you can find more detailed guidance on each of the roles in AssessmentUCL. These guides will evolve as the AssessmentUCL platform becomes more widely used across UCL.

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