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Here you can find more detailed guidance on each of the roles in AssessmentUCL. These guides will evolve as the platform becomes more widely used across UCL.


  • Sets up the assessment including date and time, assessment type etc.
  • Enrols markers, authors, moderators and External Examiners
  • Can monitor whether a student has handed in or not.
  • Transfer marks to Portico

Marker (Assessor)

  • Mark submissions using annotations, summary comments etc.
  • Mark using rubric or marking form where the rubric has been authored and attached to assessment


  • Creates interactive exam questions for FLOWmulti assessments
  • Creates rubric or grading forms which can then be attached to an assessment

Moderator (Reviewer)

  • View student submissions and marking

  • Certain moderators can also approve final marks

External Examiner (Reviewer)

  • Log in using standard UCL credentials
  • View submissions and marking

Student (Participant)

  • The student role, is called 'Participant' in AssessmentUCL
  • Can view and submit assessment
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