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  • Digital Memories - Memory in a Networked and Globalised Culture
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How do new media remediate and structure cultural memories?  This is a hypertext project in the making, conceived from the MA course, Memory and Literature in a Globalised Culture.

The cultural landscape that provides the nodes around which we form our identities and communities is undergoing a process of re-territorialization within digital media. As we fly over the pixilated landscape in Second Life, we realize the human capacity for imagined world-making and how new media are being"settled" by people who carry their identities, cultures, their pasts and memories, into new virtual worlds. 
This hypertext essay explores how virtual worlds, new media and technolgies, structure our cultural and personal memories in new ways. How do we read cultural memories that are formed in a digital world wherein national and global paradigms conflate? How do avatars commemorate? What is the difference between museum exhibits of the Holocaust in actual and virtual life? These are some of the topics addressed in the discussions listed below.

Teleport to different regions on the SL map to explore these issues.