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On this page I collected computing resources in general. There is a lot of R related things. Here is a general tutorial page on scientific computing:




R for Dummies (out 13 July 2012). Assumes zero programming knowledge. 

Applied Econometrics with R. Great Book.

online resources

Tutorials from cran.r-project.org/doc/contrib

the directory in the title contains a lot of tutorials that were contributed to CRAN by users/experts. I had a look at those two and found them good, but there's bound to be others.

IcebreakeR. A very comprehensive tutorial/introduction to R.

Farnsworth's Intro for R in Econometrics

Tutorials from elsewhere on the web

Here's my collection of tutorials found on the web. Again, you can certainly find others.


UCLA Dept of Statistics R bootcamp. Great Resource of lecture slides.

UCLA Intro to R slides

Princeton 'getting started' tutorials.

Roeger Koenker's Applied Econ R Intro

Quick R. tutorial website

R-tutor. Statistic tutorials using R. Hypothesis tests etc.

R for STATA users

R for MATLAB users

wiki book on R. lot's of examples

A self learn tutorial (pdf)

R Cookbook.

Other online resources 

www.r-bloggers.com. Great place to see what others are doing.

knitr homepage. knitr is the next generation of Sweave (embed R computation in latex)

R website. click on "conferences" on the left. always tons of tutorials.

stackoverflow. extremely well informed forums on all code related issues.

online manual for ggplot2. packed with examples. thank Hadley Wickham.


Princeton Getting Started with Stata Tutorials

Stata Intro for Roger Koenker's Applied Econ Course