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  1. In Edit settings for the course, (Administration block > Course administration > Edit settings)
    1. the official module title should be in the 'Course full nameRequired field'
    2. set the 'Course start date' to the date you want your students to be able to access the course.
    3. the official AMP code (or its variation (i.e. the AMP code + a suffix)) should be in the 'Course short nameRequired field'
    4. ensure that the '
    5. in the Description section the Course summary, if used, should not have more than a brief paragraph. (Note: This information is only seen by Moodle users who use the search function to find courses. Hence, your students and colleagues who are enrolled on the course will probably never see it).
    6. in the Course format section set Format to 'Tabs format' or if your topic headings are long, set it to 'Collapsed topics' and make Hidden sections, 'Hidden sections are completely invisible'
  2. If you change any settings on the Edit settings page, scroll to bottom and click on Save and display.