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  1. Log into Moodle, got to the course you want to add the page to and Turn Editing on

  2. In the topic, you wish to add the page to, click 'Add an activity or resource'. 

  3. From the menu Select 'Label', then click Add.

  4. Enter the text, video, images you would like to appear in the label, making sure to choose the appropriate heading styles for headings (large, medium, small) and avoiding CAPITALISED and italicised text, which are difficult to read on screen.

  5. Scroll to the bottom and click 'Save and return to course'.

  6. You will see your label appear at the bottom of the course section. Click and hold the move button (to the left of the label) to move it up into the correct position on your Moodle course homepage and then release your mouse to drop it into place.