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  • Book a computer room

    • It is recommended that you book a room with 10% more computers than you need, this will ensure that there will be spare computers in the room in case of a computer failure.

    • Good practice (British Standard 23988) for digital examinations states that no online exam should last more than 90 minutes without a break.  If you need to run a longer exam you should split it into two parts with a break in between.

    • If you use a non-centrally bookable room (e.g. Birkbeck facilties) please familiarise yourself with the login requirements/facilities in the room BEFORE the exam takes place.

  • Decide what you will do if there are technical issues that prevent you from running the exam on Moodle - e.g. have paper copies ready to be printed, reschedule.


quiz iconRecommended Moodle Quiz Settings


Shuffle within questions (shuffle answers): We recommend you change this to 'Yes' to minimise the chance of students cheating by copying the answers of the people around them. (If enabled, the parts making up each question will be randomly shuffled each time a student attempts the quiz, provided the option is also enabled in the question settings. This setting only applies to questions that have multiple parts, such as multiple choice or matching questions.) - Please make sure that you have the questions to suit this option E.g If a answer is None of the above a subtle change would be None applies.

Shuffle questions: Every time the quiz is attempted, the order of the questions in this section will be shuffled into a different random order. This can make it harder for students to share answers, but it also makes it harder for students to discuss a particular question with you. - This option is found in edit quiz,

How questions behave: This should be set to ‘Deferred feedback’, this means that students do not get to see when they have answered a question incorrectly. All feedback is deferred to after the quiz has been submitted and graded (and only available then based on the Review Options).


  • Help line: make a note of the number to call during the exam if you experience any technical problems.

    • Call the ISD Service Desk on 020 7679 5000 (Ext: 25000 within UCL).

  • Complete the attendance sheet : You can use the Digital examination Attendance Sheet.

  • Identity checking:  Ask students to bring their UCL photo ID cards and check this off on the attendance sheet (above).

  • Logging in: Ask students to log in to Moodle as they arrive and navigate to the exam to begin reading the exam guidance. 

    • Exam guidance will inform students of the scoring rules, number and types of questions, any navigation constraints and the time limit.

    • Note: Students will not be able to log in until you give them the password.

    • Allow 5-10 minutes before the exam for large groups to log in and ask students to stagger logins where possible to avoid performance issues.