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  1. The Administration block provides many options to set up your course. Note it has 'cascading' menus, just click on the title next to the arrow to open them.
  2. Click on Edit settings to take you to the Edit course settings page.
  3. You can change the Course full name and the Course short name; the latter appears in the breadcrumb navigation and has to be unique across UCL systems (the system will warn you if it isn't).
  4. You can change the Course start date and Course end date. This determines whether the course will be listed in the In Progress, Future of Past tab in the Course overview block on your Moodle Home page.

  5. You should provide a (very short) description of your course in the Course summary, so students can see what it covers if they search for it and they can distinguish it from other courses with a similar title.
  6. Course visibility determines whether students can see your course. 
    1. From the drop down menu choose Show, to reveal the course to students. Students can now see and search for the course. 
    2. Or, choose Hide, if don't want students to find or access your course. A course can be hidden from Students but not from its Course Administrators and Tutors
  7. You can choose the course Format. Popular options include tabs format and collapsed topics format because they allow students to see one section at a time.
  8. You can also choose the Number of weeks/topics. It is good to do this to prevent empty topics cluttering up the bottom of your course page, so set this to the exact number you require. Once this is set you can easily add or remove topics from the course homepage, either at the bottom of the page or to the right of the tabs, depending on the course format you choose to use.
  9. Completion tracking allows you to set activities and resources as completed either automatically (based on grades - e.g. receiving 80% in a quiz) or by allowing students to tick off when they have completed something (e.g. a reading). Change this to Enabled, control via completion and activity settings to make further settings available in each resource and activity on the course homepage.
  10. Click on Save changes.