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If you are running a summative test or exam in Moodle, as well as referring to the examination and e-examination guidance in the Academic Manual, you also need to use this guidance and checklist to ensure you have set up the Quiz or Assignment properly and have considered what to do in case anything goes wrong with the technology. Advice on writing effective exam questions is also available.
Quiz-specific information is preceded by ( quiz icon ).

The online exam notification form is currently being updated. Please complete the attached Exam Notification Form and email it to the Digital Education team well in advance, so they can be on standby to assist and ensure the room is checked beforehand

At least four weeks before the exam is scheduled to take place, it is vital you complete the Exam Notification Form so that the Digital Education team and ISD can complete any necessary checks on your Moodle quiz settings and/or room.

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  • Identify and brief the invigilators who will attend the exam in each location.

    • It is essential that you have enough invigilators to ensure that candidates are not cheating. Invigilators will need to be familiar with the Moodle environment and with your test. 

  • Notify Digital Education.  Please make sure to complete the Exam Notification Form and email it to Digital Education team so that any necessary checks on your Moodle quiz settings and/or room can take place at least four weeks notice before the exam is schedule to take place. 

    • Digital Education will then ensure that no changes to the Moodle system are planned for, or near, the exam date. 

    • ISD will be notified so they can ensure PCs are in working order (for centrally bookable spaces only).