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  1. To add a Moodle Assignment to your space, Turn editing on, then click on the Add an activity or resource link and select Assignment.
  2. To see all settings click the Expand all link.
  3. Enter an Assignment Name and Description (use for brief instructions - displays at the top of the Assignment page - a Template is provided below).
  4. Some settings we'd particularly like to flag up:
    • Anonymous marking - student names will be anonymised until after marking (you can mark anonymised submissions offline).
    • Marking workflow - enable this to allow all marks and feedback to be released at the same time. It can also help coordinate multiple markers.

    • Marking allocation - this allows allocation of markers to work after the deadline; however, if you know in advance who will be marking whose work then it's probably easier to use Groups for this. Marking allocation depends on Marking workflow being enabled.
    • Require students to click submit button - only use if you have a good reason, since there's a tendency for students to overlook the Submit set to yes, this ensures students confirm their submission is final and not a draft. It also locks submissions after the due date for students who have clicked the submit button. Be aware that some students may overlook the submit button and assume that uploading is the same as submitting. When the Due Date passes the submission is locked, so as long as marking begins after the Due Date it is fine to set this to NoWhere this occurs, Moodle will flag the status of the submissions as draft. Markers can lock the submission or submit it on behalf of the student
    • Students submit in groups - each group submits work in common, and the marks and feedback you give are distributed to all students in that group*.
      *IMPORTANT: If you enable group submissions you must tick the 'Require group to make submission' option, as there is currently a bug in Moodle where it will display an unstyled page with 'You can't add comments' written at the top if this is not ticked. When enabled, this setting means that users who are not members of a group will be unable to make submissions. 
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save and display.
  6. Hide the grades until you're ready to release - see 'Keeping grades hidden until the release date' in the Moodle Assignment guidance.