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titleWhat kind of event can be recorded?

The Lecturecast service is intended for the recording of the following teaching events:

Modular events
These are events that are part of an undergraduate or postgraduate taught program that have been assigned to a specific portico taught module e.g. ECON1001. These can be scheduled via the Lecturecast scheduler tool and will automatically appear in the correct section within Lecturecast.

Non-Modular events
These are events that are part of an undergraduate of postgraduate taught program but are not associated with a particular module code e.g a shared/common introductory lecture taught across multiple modules. These events can be scheduled for recording, as long as they have been booked in a Lecturecast equipped space via room bookings, using the Lecturecast scheduler tool. They will not by default be associated with any particular section in Lecturecast but will be stored in the personal library of the person who made the booking. From this location they may be published into any existing Lecturecast sections (i.e. modular section) on which the person making the booking is an instructor.

NOTE: Special events are supported by Digital Media and cannot be scheduled via the Lecturecast system.
These are events that are NOT part of undergraduate or postgraduate taught programs, e.g. an inaugural lectures, conferences, outreach events, public events, CPD, etc.

If you need to record a special event, contact Digital Media at video@ucl.ac.uk who provide filming and editing services.

titleWhat is a suitable event to be recorded?

While Lecturecast can be used to record any type of sheduled Modular or Non-Modular event. Lecturecast it is best suited to the capture of didatic lecture style presentations given from the front of class.

All our Lecturecast installations with a camera present are set-up for that camera to be directed to either the podium or the area at the front of the teaching space. The audio equipment in the room is also designed only to record sound from the the podium area or that of the speaker directly from lapel microphones. It is not designed to capture any audience participation, unless the teaching space as been designed to accomodate roving hand microphones.

Lecturecast has not been installed or designed to support discussion based activities and if you require such activities recorded to contact the Digital Education team for advice via digi-ed@ucl.ac.uk

titleWhy should I record my lectures?

Lecture recordings provide lecturers with the ability to review the structure and delivery of their lectures for professional development. Lecture recordings also provide lecturers with the ability to change the balance of activities during contact times, e.g. deliver informational elements via a recording and follow up with discussion sessions.

Lecture recordings provide students with the ability to revisit complex material, unusual or subject specific terminology (especially useful for overseas students) and view lectures missed due to illness or unforeseen circumstances.