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Turnitin is one of the tools that UCL uses to help students learn about and avoid plagiarism and to help detect it when it does occur is Turnitin. Read more...

How do I log in to Turnitin?


To upload your assignment in to Turnitin via Moodle:
1. Navigate to your UCL Moodle course.
2. Click on the assignment.
3. Click on the My Submissions tab.
4. Fill in the assignment details, browse for your file, agree to the declaration and click Add Submission.
Please refer to the following document for further information on using Turnitin via UCL Moodle: Guidance for students submitting work via Turnitin in Moodle.

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How do I view my Turnitin assignment grade and feedback in Moodle?


What percentage originality score is sufficient to indicate plagiarism?

The unoriginality originality score indicates text matches with other documents, including for example quotations that are used. We advise students that there is no score they should aim for as a target. The important thing is to ensure that ideas and quotations used are properly referenced in an appropriate academic style, not to aim for a particular originality score.


A piece of work has an originality score of 0%. Does this mean it is not plagiarised?

No, an unoriginality originality score of 0% does not guarantee the work is not plagiarised. Turnitin has a large database of web sites, books, journal papers and other sources, but does not (and cannot) include everything ever written.


If you are submitting a Microsoft Word document then you may need to compress the images within this document in order for it to meet the requirements of Turnitin. Advice on how to reduce file size do this can be found on the Microsoft Office website: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Reduce-the-file-size-of-a-picture

Additionally, saving Word documents to PDF format will often compress the document to a small size, but if your file is still above the maximum upload limit you can follow these instructions to compress the PDF further.
To compress or minimise the file size of large PDF documents:


If you don't already have software to compress PDF documents you can install the following free software and then follow the steps below.
1. Download and install PDFCreator from : http://www.pdfforge.org/pdfcreator 
2. Launch the PDFCreator.
3. Drag your document on to the PDFCreator window OR click Document > Add and locate and open the file.
4. Click OK when the message appears saying: "It is necessary to temporarily set PDFCreator as default printer".
5. Click save.
6. Change the filename if you want to retain the original uncompressed version.
7. Once the file has finished compressing the default printer will be changed back and the compressed PDF file will open.