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Turnitin is one of the online assessment platforms at UCL. Although its origins are in helping to identity plagiarism, in recent years it has diversified into marking and it is also used by tutors to grade work and provide feedback.

Turnitin can be used for:

  • Online submission of work.
  • Feedback on work (this is linked from MyFeedback (see your Moodle home page).An Originality Report
  • Similarity Reports - how your work matches other texts, including web pages, journal articles, books and other students' work. This can help you with quoting, paraphrasing and referencing, and avoiding unintentional plagiarism.
  • Peer assessment exercises using the Peermark tool.

You may not experience all of these uses of Turnitin - what you see depends on the settings chosen by staff on Your tutors will inform you on how Turn will be used within your course.

A word about plagiarism