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titleProblem with capture preview for Lecturecast Personal Capture (PCAP) for Mac High Sierra users [Mac OS 10.13]

Issue: The capture preview appears to jump around between frames.  The completed capture is however fine. 

Advice: Mac PCAP users can still complete personal captures on High Sierra by starting the capture normally even though the preview does not display properly.

Echo (Lecturecast service providers)  are working on a new capture application that will resolve the issue  and they hope to have a beta application available for users in early 2018.

titleHow do I add a Lecturecast recording to a specific week/topic section on Moodle?

Create a Lecturecast activity within the specific week/topic section, as explained in the Create a link on a Moodle course guide. When creating link, select 'Link to a Classroom', select the specific recording, and click 'LINK CONTENT'.

If your question hasn't been answered here, please contact lecturecast@ucl.ac.uk