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How to set up Bulk Enrolments

Bulk enrolling students who have never logged in to Moodle

If some users have never logged into Moodle before, the bulk enrolments will not work as this requires active Moodle accounts to already exist. In this instance, you can send the following information in an Excel spreadsheet or comma separated text file (csv) to the Digital Education teamfirst name, last name, email, username, module code/shortname*

*The short name is the second link that appears in the Moodle breadcrumb (e.g. UCL Moodle > *INST1001)
» Download an excel file template for bulk uploading students into your course
If you would like to assign groups to these students, you can add group name as a field in the CSV file; Moodle will automatically create these when the spreadsheet is uploaded
» Download an excel file template for bulk uploading students into groups in your course

Guest access

Guests are anyone who can access your course without enrolling or logging into Moodle first. This can be handy for students deciding which modules to select. Guests are restricted in terms of what they can do, i.e. they can't post into forums, submit assignments or do any kind of grading etc.