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  • Accordion - Create vertically stacked expandable items
  • Agamotto (Image Blender) - Present a sequence of images and explanations
  • Arithmetic Quiz - Create time-based arithmetic quizzes
  • Branching Scenario (beta version) - Create dilemmas and self-paced learning scenarios (similar to Moodle Lesson)
  • Chart - Quickly generate bar and pie charts
  • Collage - Create a collage of multiple images
  • Column - Organise H5P content into a column layout
  • Course Presentation - Create a presentation with interactive slides
  • Dialog Cards - Create text-based turning cards
  • Dictation - Create a dictation with instant feedback
  • Documentation Tool - Create a form wizard with text export
  • Drag and Drop - Create drag and drop tasks with images
  • Drag the Words - Create text-based drag and drop tasks
  • Essay - Create Essay with instant feedback
  • Fill in the Blanks - Create a task with missing words in a text
  • Find Multiple Hotspots - Create many hotspots for users to find
  • Find the Hotspot - Create image hotspots for users to find
  • Find the Words - Create a grid-based word search game 
  • Flashcards - Create stylish and modern flashcards
  • Guess the Answer - Create an image with a question and answer
  • Interactive Book - Create courses, books or tests
  • Image Hotspots - Create an image with multiple info hotspots
  • Image Juxtaposition - Create interactive images
  • Image Pairing - Drag and drop image matching game
  • Image Sequencing - Place images in the correct order
  • Image Slider - Easily create an image slider
  • Interactive Book - Create a book-like collection of a number of available H5P activities.
  • Interactive Video – add questions or pop-up text to videos
  • Mark the Words - Create a task where users highlight words
  • Memory Game - Create the classic image pairing game or use it as a flashcard race against the clock
  • Multiple Choice - Create flexible multiple choice questions
  • Personality Quiz - Create a series of multiple choice questions where each answer option corresponds to a predefined category (personality).
  • Questionnaire - Create a questionnaire to receive feedback.
  • Quiz (Question Set) - Create a sequence of various question types
  • Single Choice Set - Create questions with one correct answer
  • Summary - Create tasks with a list of statements
  • Timeline - Create a timeline of events with multimedia
  • True/False Question - Create True/False questions
  • Virtual Tour (360) - Create interactive environments using images, audio and navigation between scenes