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A wiki is a website that may be edited by its users through a browser. The most famous wiki is Wikipedia (http://www.wikipedia.org).
Wikis are typically used for storing structures of data. They may be used for collaborative working as a more flexible alternative to shared drives. However, they should not be used as file stores, for example for multimedia files.
The service comprises the wiki software available at http://wiki.ucl.ac.uk running on a server maintained and supported by Information Systems. This UCL Wiki is based on Confluence. The wiki is accessed through a Web browser.
End-users eligible (see 4 above) to use the wiki, gain access to it with their UCL user id. Only members of UCL staff may apply to wiki-support@ucl.ac.uk to create a space (root hierarchy) in the wiki. Both staff and students are able to create their own personal spaces.
Global spaces in the wiki should have names based on the UPI organisational structure document, if possible, which lists names for every part of UCL. Cases of difficult naming may be referred to the Eligibility Group.


The wiki service is supported by Information Systems.
Whenever significant system bugs which may affect the service to users are identified, these are posted on the Service News section of the IS website.
Disk backup: An incremental backup of the wiki server to tape is taken every night.
Confluence Plugins: Users may request new modules and plugins to be added to the wiki service. Requests should be made to wiki-support@ucl.ac.uk by completing the Wiki support form and will be approved by the EISD Web Applications Development group which meets every six weeks.


9 User Support

New Wiki Spaces: Requests for new wiki spaces and other queries specific to the service should be e-mailed to wiki-support@ucl.ac.uk who submitted via the appropriate forms and those supporting it will aim to reply to and/or refer queries within three working days of their arrival.

Support: Support documentation is available on the wiki. Email Support queries should be directed to wiki-support@ucl.ac.ukthee-learning support form. Support is also available from the Learning Technology Support Service - LTSS (ltss@uclwww.ucl.ac.uk/ltss) and the Faculty Information Support Officers - FISOs (fiso@ucl.ac.uk).

Training: Contact the Learning Technology Support Service - LTSS to discuss training requirement (ltss@uclwww.ucl.ac.uk/ltss)
Users requiring further help should use the online training materials and information provided by the wiki community at: http://confluence.atlassian.com/display/DOC/Confluence+Documentation+Home


Wiki users should be aware that IS does not design or create content for the wiki. Nor is it responsible for the design of page structures within a space, although the Learning Technology Support Service can provide advice.
Wiki spaces should not occupy more than 100Mb of filespace. However, users may not upload individual files larger than 10MB. Users can obtain advice about how to deal with large files by contacting the Learning Technology Support Service - LTSS (ltss@uclwww.ucl.ac.uk/ltss) , or Faculty Information Support Officers - FISOs (fiso@ucl.ac.uk) the the IS Helpdesk or the Open Learning Centre (is-olc@uclwww.ucl.ac.uk/isd/staff/fiso).
Wikis are collaborative by design, therefore wiki space owners must maintain an active awareness of the contents of the wiki space, and remain subscribed to the wiki space to monitor changes to pages. Wiki space owners should also be aware of Terms and Conditions of Use - Section 6
Wiki spaces should not:


If you are not happy about how your complaint is handled, e-mail the owner of the space. If you are still unhappy, e-mail wiki-support@ucl.ac.uk contact Wiki Support. If you are still unhappy, e-mail abuse@ucl.ac.uk. Objections will be considered and the materials will be removed as necessary.


The first point of contact for all queries relating to this service is wiki-support@ucl.ac.uk Wiki Support. See Section 8 User Support.