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House share licence to occupy

Rooms to Rent in London.

Finsbury Park / Manor House  (Victoria line or 253 bus into Euston, Piccadilly line to St. Pancras)
The Room:
It's not massive but has a double bed in it. This bed was put in new when we moved in 2.5 years ago.  There is also a material sort of wardrobe (white thing just off the right of the photo). There isn't any other furniture (the chest of drawers are Stu's and he's taking them), but we found it was easy enough to grab a cheap item or two from Ikea.

£100/week. That's £433 a month.
£44 roughly council tax/month
Bills probably average a few £10s per month (done quarterly,yearly)

Available January 2012

The Flat:
It's a 3 bedroom flat, with a decent sized lounge and big kitchen. Sofa etc. We have a flat above us and two flats nestled beneath, and the neighbours are all absolutely lovely. Mainly young professionals.

The Flatmates:
Me (Sophie) and Monica. We're both young professionals, out quite a lot doing our own hobbies and stuff, but we do cook at home regularly too. I dance, do photography and love travelling. Mon is into food photography, meditation, yoga, Spanish and loves learning about other cultures. 
We're clean and tidy, and considerate in communal spaces. Fun, easy going etc etc.
Oh and there's also my hamster, "Sashimi".

We're looking for another young professional who is at least tidy and considerate in communal spaces. A sense of humour would be good too! Image Removed

Contact us if you are interested or know of someone who might be.
Sophie - 07796084881 or sophiegauss@gmail.com