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UCL Moodle Miniguides

M204: Add images*



How to upload and place images in topics, then resize them and change their layout on the page. Also where to find image editor applications.

As Alice (in Wonderland) wisely observed "What is the use of a book, without pictures or conversations?". We recommend you use images wherever you can in Moodle (we will add the conversations another time…) to make your online material more visually engaging. Adding images in Moodle is a two-stage process; loading the image file into Moodle, then linking to it. This is essentially the same process whenever you link to files in Moodle and is easy to do.

  1. Ensure editing is turned on and click on the small hand icon for a topic or label.
  2. The Moodle Editor appears.
  3. Decide where you want to place your image (roughly) and click on the picture icon in the toolbar.
  4. The Insert/edit Image window appears.

Image Modified Image Modified

  1. Click on Find or upload an image...
  2. You will see the File picker we saw in Miniguide M203 appears.
  3. Use this to select a file as before, the image should now be displayed.
  4. Add an Image description (this is to make it accessible to visually impaired users, so make making the description meaningful
  5. Click on Insert image – the image should appear in the text editor.
  6. To resize your image click on it and eight little boxes (handles) appear round the edge. Use the corner handles to resize the image, not the side ones which will only distort your image.
  7. There are some other options on the Insert/edit Image window so while your image is selected, click on the picture icon again.
  8. The Appearance tab lets you change Alignment and add some white space around the image - Vertical and Horizontal, described in pixels – try 5 or 10
  9. The Advanced tab allows images that change when you 'mouse over', something to try later!
  10. Click on Update then Save Changes in the Editor