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Table of Contents

Wiki Markup_By Chris Dillon 21/05/08. Version 4.1_
Latest version at: \[http://wiki.ucl.ac.uk/display/AboutWiki/About+the+UCL+Wiki\]Image Added

It is recommended that you use Firefox or Internet Explorer on the PC, and Camino or Firefox, rather than Safari, on the Mac.


Code Block
h1. Biggest heading
h5. Smallest heading


\---\- for a horizontal line across the page

\* for a bullet point
\*\* for a sub-bullet
\# for a numbered point

\[British Library\|http://www.bl.uk\] for a link to a Web site

{note:title=title of note} text of note
  1. for
  1. a
  1. numbered
  1. point

  1. British
  1. Library
  1. for
  1. a
  1. link
  1. to
  1. a
  1. Web
  1. site

Biggest heading

Smallest heading

- for a horizontal line across the page *

  • for a bullet point
        • for a sub-bullet
    Wiki Markup
    titletitle of note

    text of note

    Use the *full guide* link at the top of the column for a complete list of wiki markup.
    Note: You will find it quicker to create tables on the _Rich Text_ tab than on the _Wiki Markup_ tab!

    Adding a new page

    This presumes that the part of the wiki ("space") the page is to be added to exists, if it doesn't, see Creating a space below.
    Navigate to the space or page where you want the new page.
    Click the *New Page* hyperlink top right. The default page's name is by default _New Page_. you will want to change this. Add some content and click *Save*.
    The new page opens.

    Attaching a file to a page in the wiki

    Attachments are inconvenient things; don't use them if you can get away with copying text into an ordinary wiki page. It is not possible to attach files larger than 10Mb. Check in Windows Explorer (PC) or Finder (Mac).
    Navigate to the page to which you want to attach the file. Before going into the editor, click on the *Attachments* tab. Type a brief description of the file in the _Comments_ field and click *Browse* to locate the file to be uploaded into the wiki.
    To remove an attachment, click on the *Attachments* tab and click the *Remove* button to the right of the file.

    Inserting a link

    Click the *Insert/Edit Link* icon (it looks like a chain) on the toolbar.
    To link to a page in the UCL Wiki, search e.g. _Global Spaces_ for the page. Click the link and click OK. (Attachments are included in the search.)
    To link to a page on the Internet, click on the *External Link* tab and enter the address. (it may be safest to copy the address from your browser's _Address_ field).

    Adding an image

    Click the *Insert/Edit Image* icon (it looks like mountains) on the toolbar.

    Restricting a page

    Click the *EDIT* link next to _Restrictions_ at the bottom of the page further to restrict who can read and edit the page. See the section on Creating a personal space for information about giving permissions to groups.

    Exporting a page as a Word file or PDF

    Navigate to the page and click on the *Info* tab.
    Click on the *PDF* or *Word* link in the *Export As* field.

    Viewing changes and restoring older versions of pages

    To see changes to a page, click on the *Info* tab of the page in question and use the *view changes* links.

    Restore an old version of a page by clicking the *View Page History* link.

    Removing pages

    Click the *Edit* tab to edit the page in question. Click the *Remove Page* hyperlink top right.